In order to offer you the most advanced technologies in the field of suspension and preparing cars for sporting and track use, we have established an exclusive partnership with one of the biggest names in the automotive sector, and a BMW specialist, namely Team SCHIRMER (Schirmer Race Engineering), which for over 25 years has worked out of the Nürburgring and has unique know-how on a worldwide level.

Team SCHIRMER has been a worldwide car manufacturer (KBA) since 1996. APEX Motorsport is thus very proud to be the only official Team SCHIRMER partner and distributor in Luxembourg, and to have access to a unique range of high-end automotive components, all of which are TÜV approved.

As a Luxembourg workshop approved by Team Schirmer, we are pleased to undertake all the work we offer on our premises. Our team will have extensive experience in motor racing, and our mechanics will all have undergone extensive training with our partner.

If you would like more information on Schirmer products, please do get in touch.